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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  October 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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it was a downpour. >> . threats of lightening. 6:52 left in the fourth. broncos are all over tampa bay right now. 27 to 7. the big end game story line. first up a reminder. we can't show you yet. the game is not officially final. the in game story hraoeub. trevor siemian knocked out in the second quarter. with a left shoulder injury. we're waiting on that news.
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and played well. >> . it's been a very interesting situation. i'll tell you what. there's been some interesting back and forth. between officials. and gary. who is expressed terms his concern about the length of the delay. and how it might effect his players from an injury standpoint. >> second meeting just happened. and the nfl indicated the pwrob broncos will be back on the field at 8:05. 6:05 mountain time. the game will resume. rather. 15 minutes later. at about 6:20 mountain time. with the broncos leading. 27 to 7.
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14 of 23 for 171 yards. and he was responsible for lead -lg the offense to sp 1 to put the game away. as if there was ever any doubt about that. the defense has been sublime. >> . 4 straight 3 and outs. at a time when lynch was coming in. and taking control of the football game. the broncos are 6 minutes and change away from being 4 and 0. we'll be back with an update. later on in sports.
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>> take a look at the hao*efrs a picture. the broncos tweeted out. this is of gary. you phaerd bruce reference there he was having these heated discussions with the officials. there's a lot of concern in these situations of course the guys going back into the locker room. resting up. and trying to go back out. and you get concerned about pulling muscles and the like. >> . another tweet. a steady rainfalling in tampa. so. it does sounds like this game will resume. players instructed to be back on the field at you have 6:05. tpwaeupl game to resume at 6:20. again. this game is over. it's a blow out. >> . now you worry about risking even more injury. we'll have updates on the trevor siemian injury. he's expected to talk at the podium. we'll get a better feel for what
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searching for a suspect after investigators say a man tried to force a 14 year-old girl. into 4euz suv. now this happened opbd tphreud. along if you reck recognize this man or know anything that might help. >> . developing story. out of arapahoe county. five people killed in a fiery crash. on county line road this morning. >> . investigators say speed is likely what led to this tragedy.
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if you look at the terrain around us. we're in a hilly country side. it appears they came over a hill too quick. >> the driver lost control. went off the right side. at monarch circle. rolling several times before bursting into a neighbor says the road leads to a popular area called third bridge. rumored to be haunted. >> . people who live in the kwra*eufr face de-taurs for the county line road was close -td. >> we were told the commander on the scene wouldn't allow us access. even from a distance. to take pictures because of the condition of the vehicle.
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in arapahoe county. >> . police told us they couldn't even determine whether the victims were men or women. the car was so badly burned. police even had a hard time determining its make or model. >> . deadly roll over crash in aurora. leaves one person dead and injures two. aurora police say the car crashed between south dayton. along east florida avenue. take a good look. it shows the mangled car. they say a black infinity was driving down florida avenue. when it rolled several times.
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pole. >> . one passenger died. and the driver is now in critical condition. a woman was treated for minor injuries. and police say alcohol and speed appear to be factors in the crash. >> . after falling a hundred to 150 feet. according to to a spokesperson. the 61 year-old slipped on some ice. along the narrow section. along the key hole route. park rangers used a helicopter to get to the summit. and were able to recover his body. a little before can six night. >> . a 33 year-old man dies after police say there they were checn a shots fired call. 9 last night near south broad way. police say when officers got there. they found a man lying on the ground and he was shot several times. that man later died in the hospital. investigators department didn't give us any suspect information at this time. >> . people living in jamaica are
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matthew. stocking up on food and supplies -fpls others boarding up windows and doing whatever they can to protect their homes. the storm weakened a bit yesterday. with matthew hits haiti directly it could have devastating consequences. you may remember that country is still recovering from the deadly earth wake in 2010. we do have meteorologist joining us now. you're track the storm. can you tell us about matthew. >> . it's a mammoth storm. a major category just to the south of jamaica and haiti. watch its track. as it moves to the north. these red lines around the border of haiti. and cuba. are all hurricane warnings. right in between cuba and haiti. through the stretch. on the o*es east side. it will be the strongest. haiti getting lashed by rain.
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somewhere along the atlantic coastline. a lot of uncertainty where it will go. and how strong it will be. it's something that interest in the southeast part of the country will be keeping a close eye on. as we will too. over the next few days. meanwhile. we heard that the broncos underneath that weather delay. look at line of storms that crawl through. a lot triggering the storms. still a lot of activity over the stadium. maybe some lightening too. >> fire crews put out a brush fire near c 470. 30 firefighters were called out this afternoon. these are photographs from west
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and you can see the smoke in ine background. above the ridge there. tph*lt tors think an illegal camp site nearby may have caused the fire. the fire is still urpbdz investigation. >> . if you live in evergreen and felt a little rumble yesterday. here's why. a according to to the an earthquake actually happened. about 14 miles southwest of evergreen. it was small. reports it was only a 2.4 magnitude. according to to the u.s. gs. it was about 3 miles below the surface. stkphr. the library says that will free up staff. and employees will have more time to interact with customers. the branch will close tomorrow. and scheduled to reopen october 16. boulder public library has 4 ore locations. where you can check out. >> .
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winter is on the way. here it is. >> . mount evens rose is already closed. tomorrow it will close from echo lake to the summit for the season. weather permitting that stretch will reopen next year. on the friday before memorial
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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>> animals that i have seen. this is the best one. >> . sea turtles are reptiles.
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once they sense it's taoep top deep enough and large enough. to accommodate a hundred or so eggs. they begin dropping those eggs tpwo two or 3 at a time. >> . >> this way it's safe to have >> the eggs are actually slightly leather. you can indent one with your if i if i if i can finger. they're not hard. they can bounce on top of each other. once it's full. she'll start using the hind flippers. grabbing sand. from side of the hole. and burying it. and kind of shifting her weight to the back. and really packing the sand in. >> .
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eggs. she'll crawl back to the sea. and never have anything to do with that nest or those eggs or those hatch -lgs again. >> . in latin america and central america. there's a long tradition of eating turtles. eating their eggs. and that's a persistent problem. they say only one in a thousand or ten thousand survive to adulthood. when one comes along and kills that it's hugely impactful to have the population. >> . there are plenty of things we can do to reverse that. and it's working. when we eliminate threat. >> . and we begin to protect habitat. and do that for a taepb sustained period of time. we're achieving positive impacts. >> .
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if you would like to volunteer. you can become a member of the organization. or you can adopt a sea turtle. we have all the information on >> . it looks like it goes all night long. that's wild. nonstop there. we had beautiful weather here today as well. live look outside.
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cast over the city. the the sun is preparing to drop below the horizon. what a beautiful day. temperatures warm. once again. look at these numbers. 81. again today. we have managed 80s both days this weekend. that's just a far cry from the average of 71 for the this time of year. >> . beautiful 75 in thornton. >> .
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to spread. into the high country. it will be a breezy night tonight. winds will be gusting again tomorrow afternoon. so. be prepared to experience these breezy conditions. at times. all the way through the day tomorrow. if not into tuesday. as well. up and down i 25. into the high country. we're dry. but there are showers developed over the eastern plains. moving up to the northeast. it looks like they're dying off quickly. so i believe they'll be gone. over the next hour or so. and from there, should be a very quiet but breezy starry skies over head. after the sun drops down. we'll say 69 by 8 p.m. 61. at ten tonight. and we fall back into the upper 50s. now that may seem chilly in spots. really for this time of the year. that's mild. lows tonight will again only drop into the low 50s.
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a few clouds. mountain rain and snow possible. over all breezy evening. and then tomorrow. skies full of sunshine. maybe some mountain storms early. they fade late. looks like a beautiful day across the metro area. and then we drop things down. mid 60s on tuesday. breezy again partly cloudy skies. we stay dry with the initial
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that comes through. we have a pair of cold fronts headed our way. it will bring a re-inforcing shot of cold air. and maybe snow flakes. a couple of them. down to about 6 thousand feet. foothills and palmer divide. middle of the week could see flakes of snow. >> . every year in october. the city of is transformed into a world full of lighted art. the annual festival of light kicks off this coming friday. this year, controversy is brewing over an a shows hitlers face on a building in the center of the capitol.
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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we have a consumer alert. recalling sammy's milk baby food over concerns it may cop taeupb contain a deadly bacteria. >> fda found the baby food had inadd kwatd levels of iron.
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who needs people to pizza. a restaurant is using robots to make pizza. and a truck to bake them on the way to your house. mountain view california opened in april. using robotic. high-tech computers and some of the smartest humans arpbdz to make your favorite slice. >> . pizza ordering is predictable. most of the customers order according to to a rather habitual method. so. what we can do is use artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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to be available for the. >> . cofounder says it makes the process faster and cheaper. and invest in higher quality ingredients. which they hope it a recipe for success. >> . it is amazing howpredictable people are ordering pizza. cheese for you. >> no i like hawaiien. >> . >> i want to try that.
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